A new commission for Pathfinder

Good morning! My trips with the Silvan Dragon have taken me to a lot of places in these past few days, but right now, flying over the Pathfinder universes, my scaly love and I found ourselves in a thick and dark forest.

In this forest, we have come across a creature that we have never seen before, and which is becoming really popular in the Pathfinder universe, the Gathlain. This new race has been chosen by Anya Doile to represent her, so she has commissioned us a custom miniature to represet her. Thank you very much, Anya!

In the last blog I talked to you about the character strips that we use to show our progress with the models and so the client can see how their custom mini is developing in case changes are necessary before the production.

 Character Strip

For example, we can see that our modeler has created an initial version of the wings, with those cool wooden planks, that later will pose to give more dynamism to the model.


In the mini we can see a lot of details of plant background as the wood wings, the skirt of deciduous leaves, the detail of the boot of branches (I would say that they are about to bloom) and the berries forks.


If there is something that I really like about this model, it is the personality of the face, which for now has a very relaxed expression but in the final model it could be different to express other types of feelings.

Although not directly related to the Gathlain, I also want to mention the new logo that, in my opinion, gives our little company a funnier touch (as much as us!).

That was all for today adventurers! Continue sending your photos to imagine3dminiatures@gmail.com and if you want us to do a review about a miniatures that you order to us, do not hesitate to tell us.

See youu folks!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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