A new scaly friend!

Hello Friends! If I write about love, scales, theet, horns and fire...Whould you know what I am talking about? Incorrect! I am not talking about my Forest Dragon sweetheart but a new dragon in which we are working. This one is going to be smaller, but as amazing as the last one.


Around one week ago Josey Bak sent us some pictures of a really friendly dragon, and when we saw it, we started to rub our hands because, as you know, we really love to model these giant reptiles.

In this case, our new draconian friend is really different than the other one. This one have a classic D&D aesthetic, with big leathery wings, that stretch in a largest space over the back, strong legs and a wide neck, everything a big flying predator needs to be the ace high.


For this custom miniature we are going to use the tail rudder fin that we discarded in the Forest dragon, because we think that it completely fits in this style. In respect of the scales, the idea is similar to the other dragons: Bigger and armored in the chest and the neck, sharp and smaller in the rest of the body, especially in the stomach, where we can found the finest.

If we take a look to the circular horns that grow from the temples, ending together behind the head, we can see other horns that start in the back of the neck and go up crossing the osseous circle. Forget them, that horns are going to be removed because Josey wants that zone to become the centre of attention of the mini.

 Character Strip

In the character strip we can see the final pose that this miniature is going to have, so in absence of a few little more changes... Our new small dragon will be ready!

Enjoy the weekend and see you soon!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin!

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