A short review of Ela miniature

Happy Friday, buddies! A few days ago I wrote about Rainbow Six Siege because of a commission that Jacob Gaunder order us. This commission as you know consisted of two minis of this famous game. One of them was Lion and the second one is one of the most played characters, Ela.

Ela is the former commander of the GROM, the Polish special forces. The high level of performance and requirement of its training, turned it into a lethal soldier specialized in defense. She is able to use mines very efficiently with which close all the critic points of the buildings. Ela is not only a magnificent artificer, thanks to her Scorpion Evo and her shotgun FO-12 is able to stop the most brutal attacks of her enemies.

 Character Strip

As you can see, the mini have the same realistic style as her companion Lion. Note the details of the mines that lead in the leg and the Evo 3 of the right arm that, as in the Vektor, has all the details of the original. We are still working in the study of the different designs of weapons, trying to improve our quality in realistic elements.


I really like that the chosen pose was a noncombat one, because, in my opinion, it gives more personality to the character and let us appreciate all the details. We are really proud of the personality features that Maria has managed to capture in the face of Ela.

The scale of this miniature is the 28mm standard. This makes it perfect to be displayed or to use it in the most common wargames. Jacob, send us some pics of this minis when you finish the painting job, please!


Not long ago, you asked me if the hole that is created in the triggers of the weapons should always be covered and I would like to write a bit about this. When we design minis for 3D printing, there are many details, especially in these small scales, that the printer is not able to reproduce without risk of breakage. This means that the only way to print this without having to sculpt them in a much larger size (which would completely destroy the scale) is to cover them, trying to affect aesthetics as little as possible. We hope that soon 3D printers improve their ability to do this without a so high cost.

This is all for today, we hope that you like this two custom miniatures as much as we do, and that you continue ordering us projects about video game characters!

See you soon!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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