About the Doom Amazon

I have been involved in the world of miniatures for many years and as many people, I started collecting warhammer armies. When I discovered this game, my time began to be full of afternoons painting minis, weekends locked at home with the clique to play all the games that gave us time, and of course, many hours in a Games Workshop that was placed near to my house. During all that time, I began to be interested mainly in painting and although my level was never very good, I began to appreciate the work of many painters and sculptors, some of whom I would meet years later.

After years of comings and goings with games, minis, and painting, I ended up leaving the hobby aside and dedicated myself to profesional life in a quite different job that occupied a large part of my time. It was that time when one of my best friends, began to talk to me about and idea that had been around his head for a while... His idea seemed simple. Digital modeling, 3D printers and miniatures.

Since he started with the project that today is called Imagine 3D Miniatures, I have been following his work, untill a few months ago, that he offered me to collabore with him, an offer that of course I could not refuse! In the time that I have been here, I have seen a lot of interesenting ideas from clients who want to see the miniature of their dreams come true...To command their armies, to explore a DnD dungeon or simply for collecting, but some of the things that have caught my attention have been the miniatures of their own design, which are not intented to be used in any game in particular.

I can say that my favorite mini of Imagine is the Doom Amazon, making a wink to the love for Mad Max and of course for the character of Charlize Theron, Imperator Furiosa. This miniature, which can look simple, represents something very important for people like us, that started living in a time when you could only pay for the miniatures offered by a few companies.

 Doom Amazon

I love the reassurance and firmness that expresses her gaze, the mocking touch of the mouth and the "badass" touch that her haircut gives



The mechanical arm, with that steampuk style, full of screws and gears (in the final model they add some more), finished in a perforated metal claw, which makes us think that it has been built by her own(with only one hand?, why not, its a Doom Amazon!).


And of course, the tool that she carries in her belt, with which she can fix the car, her own mech arm and if you dont take care with her, she can fix your face too.


And here ends my contribution today, I have long wanted to talk about this little master piece and also, introduce myself. My nick in many games has always been Ragnarôk, so I will use it here too. I hope to share with you the minis in which we are working and above all, that you enjoy them as much as we do!

Ragnarôk, the mindless Blogger Goblin

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