Centaur Archer commission

Hello friends! We started the week with a new custom miniature! This time Im going to write about the Centaur Archer for Jonh Lyon.

This model is a female centaur, really different to the other one that I showed you a few months ago. Its looks more adult and more evil. The first thing that attract our attention are the big horns that turn to the back of the head, that reminds us the horns of a dragon or a succubus.

We can start analysing the top of the body. This part is the one that have the human traits. The character is holding a longbow, with some nice details in the frontal face and with an arrow in the other hand. Its long hair, makes a turn to the right side of the model, giving more dynamism to the composition. In the chest we can see a fitted vest that combine really well with the headband that connect both horns.


If we look to the horse secction of the mini, we can se a rampant pose, without any decoration, just the ornament belt that laid on the horse chest, between the front legs.


We sculpt this mini in 75mm so surely, when John paint it, is going to be really amazing!

This is all for today, I hope you like this mini and I must remind you to stay tunned to future post, because we are going to announce something really big son.

See you!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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