Daily Blog. A final review of the Gatlain

Hello Mates! As you may recall, a few days ago I posted about one of the last orders we received, the Gathlain of Annya Doile for her Pathfinder games.

In that post I told you that the mini looked very good since the original idea and indeed, our modeler has managed to do a good job. It is not easy to merge vegetal elements with animal ones, so we spend a lot of time in the study of this part.


In this final version I can show you the finished wings, which are the most outstanding part of the miniature, with all those leaves on the top and the wooden slats as feathers, which have been softened and slightly repositioned to wrap the whole model.

The boots have also been finished so now both boots have the details of the branches climbing up the legs. It has also added more detail to the skirt so that nothing is lost during the printing process, which is the most critical part of the entire artistic process, because if these details were smaller , they could not be reproduced and with that, the printing program would cancel it automatically.


In the previous article was not shown the scythe that our Gathlain carries as a weapon. It is a simple but quite impressive element. It is huge and surely quite deadly! In my opinion, the scythe gives a personal touch to this custom miniature, since all the illustrations that I have seen of this race appear with a spear or a staff as the main weapon.

What do you think about this miniature as true Pathfinder followers? We are really happy with the result!

Remember that following our daily blog you can follow our progress in the different projects in which we are participating, and share it in your social media to help us improve.

Best regards, buddies!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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