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Good morning friends! Finally its Friday and Im going to show you a miniature that we have designed for Sally 4TH. These guys are working in a very interesting Kickstarter based on the universe of Albedo. We are designing some miniatures for this game, all of them multicomponent and with a very fun Furry style (As you know, we love creating anthropomorphic minis).

The first of these miniatures is the patrol, a pretty funny soldier cat, but soon you will be able to combine pieces to add variety to the game.

In the character strip that you can see below, we show the preliminary idea in T pose, in which the design of the jacket, head and pants has been fixed.

 Character Strip

When we work in the design of multicomponent models, the main objective is to make all the different pieces fit together, which may seem simple, but in certain parts, like shoulder pads or the back opening of the coat can give problems. As I said, the head and arms will go separately, since in this universe, apart from cats, you can also count with rabbits, foxes, dogs and in the future, many more. These pieces have been designed to be able to have different inclinations, so we have taken a lot of time to ensure that once they are assembled, the chosen angle will not interfere with the rest of the pieces.


A very fun part of this mini is the tail. Our modeler has created an additional piece, which acts as a Velcro taiflap, so the players do not need to cover the hollow of the tail with handmade solutions.


By the way! If you are thinking of starting a project for a tabletop game with miniatures, write to us via info@imagine3dminiatures.com, we have participated in many kickstarter proyects of these characteristics and we will be happy to design all the 3D elements for you and of course, share it.

I hope you enjoy your weekend and that you keep sending us your questions and suggestions.

See you!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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