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Hello buddies! Today I continue talking about the commission that Daniel Trout ordered us a few weeks ago. This commission was made up of two miniatures for his friends. These miniatures represent his D&D characters, one of them being Kleelux, my goblin fella and the other one is a Tabaxi, another race of this fantasy universe.

 Character Strip

First of all, for people who dont know a lot about DnD, I will talk a little about this race to put you in situation. The Tabaxi are a race of anthropomorphic felines of similar size to humans, with many similarities to jaguars and panthers, aand other large felines depending on the area in which their tribe is located.

The design that Daniel wanted for his Tabaxi should include an aesthetic that is close to that of the Aztec people and we found this very interesting because we love the combination of felines, feathers, gold and stone and we are not used to sculpt this kind of models.


Today I will show you the preliminary process without posing and only including the basic details, but I can assure you that the final model is impressive.

We are very proud about the good study work that has been done of the villages that have inspired the clothing of this mini so the result is as realistic as possible. For example, I love the sword with all those pieces of stone around the wooden structure carved with totemic symbols.


On the other hand, the piece of armor that covers the upper part of the body has also been a design challenge, since the teeth necklace and the engravings were too small for printing, but finally our modeler managed to solve it and the result is really good.


For now there is not much more to say about this custom miniature, but stay tuned and keep following our daily blog...Dont miss a thing! I am sure that it may become the top 1 of the 28mm minis we have designed.

See you!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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