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Good Morning guys! These days we have been absent due to local holidays, so we have dedicated ourselves to enjoy the free days, which is also necessary. Anyway, we return with more strength than ever and with a lot of commissions that we will be showing to you.

Today we are going to show you the final result of the sorceress that I told to you about last week, a very beautiful piece that has a lot of details that we love. In the previous article about this miniature I also told you about our workflow and some of you have written to ask us about many different things, but a question that has been repeated a lot has been: How long do you take to make a custom miniature? Well I can tell you that it depends on several factors. There is a part of he process that depends on our design work, which is usually an average of two weeks (can be extended depending on the complexity of the model and changes that you want to make on the fly) and another related to production, which It can be extended up to 10 days after printing begins until it arrives at your home. If you have more questions, send us an email to imagine3dminiatures@gmail.com and I will answer either personally or from the blog.

Well, lets cut to the chase. As I was saying, the elven sorceress is finished and I am bringing you a few renders to show it to you thoroughly. This mini as I said a few days ago is designed to be produced in resin, which requires us to make some specific cuts in the design so that everything comes out correctly in the mold.


In this case, the cuts have been made in the peripheral parts of the model, which are the most outstanding. In the case of the leg, the right arm and the base, have been separated so that the whole miniature can be flat in the mold at the time of extraction. The left arm, which carries the staff, has been separated to ensure that all its details and the facing part of the body are maintained. As you can see, the pieces that go separately have been added a tongue and groove to get a perfect grip of the different parts. When making these cuts, our modeler strives to try to make them by areas where the decorative elements of the miniature hide as much as possible.


Lets talk about the details of this mini! One of the strengths of the elven sorceress are the elements of goldsmithing. In his hands he wears a handlet, a piece of jewelry that consists of a bracelet and a ring joined by a common piece that in this case is a filigree that covers the entire hand and that we loved to designing. It has been given a vegetal design, including a lily flower to make it fit with the embroidery of the sleeves and skirt, giving it a medieval look.


The staff is a very interesting central piece also in terms of design, since it combines the previous elements with straight lines that are very softened thanks to the central area, with that spiral design, which harmonizes perfectly with the clothes.

You know that as a goblin that I am, I love the big ears and the harmony of the faces of the elves. In this case, the expression is calm, almost shy, which fits perfectly with the rest of the model.


Finally I also show you a picture where you can see the hair, which is composed of different parts that work quite well. The braids help us give prominence to the face, the central part grouped with a braid makes us understand that it is ready to action and finally, in the bottom, a traditional ponytail, gives much dynamism to the set.


What do you think about it? Let us know in social media and keep an eye on the daily blog to avoid missing the reviews we are making of the custom miniatures that you order us.

See you soon!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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