Daily Blog. Progress with the Forest Dragon

I waste another day in the cave digging in a pile of ancient muddy tomes. A lot of them where almost rotten, but I have found a few pictures that I want to show you (malicious eyes and hands rubbing).

A few days ago I talk to you about the proyect that my overlord is faced with, a colossal sized mini, big wings, a mouth full of teeths and...Plants! A lot of plants! Of course im talking about the Forest Dragon, a custom miniature that has become the biggest of our "toys". With a length of almost 30cm, we are still tryng to find the way to put it inside the printer without losing a finger or ending our days with our beards scorched.

 Dragon Front

As you can see, the scales are being placed nicely and the muscle have a more realistic appearance. The detail that I like the most is the fin of the end of the tail, more horns for the arsenal and a good rudder to the high flights.

 Dragon Fin

Beards! Vines Beards that give this dragon that wise and distinguished touch. We know that the dragons are cleaver and noble but... Will it mantain good hygiene with all that branches growing in his neck? I hope not to be that close to discover it!


By the way! I have a big news for you, our client is going to sell this mini in our store so you can use it in your DnD games, recruit him in your armies or just for having him in your shelves roaring at you, so take care with the flames when you open the links of our page

Farewell for now, I will kepp roaming through the tunels because I have not had breakfast yet. See you space cowboys!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin blogger.

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