Daily Blog. The Fisherman Shark

A few days ago, we were spending a quiet morning in the office when a sound announced the arrival of an email. In this mail, Lachlan Dunn, asked us for information to create a miniature that he had in mind for some time and while we were reading the guidelines for the creation of the mini, we were smiling like fools. The idea was simple: A shark, sitting on a chair on a small island and ... Fishing! The idea seemed so good that we quickly started to work on it, and today, Im going to show you how the work is going.

One of the things that Lachlan ordered us was that his shark should be dressed in the typical yellow fishermans raincoat, very similar to what we imagined when thinking about the main character of that famous Hemingway book, The Old Man and the Sea, so with that idea in mind, our modeler began to work.


One of the parts that I thought was going to be more complicated was how the shark should sit correctly on the wooden chair, but as you can see, we got a credible result. I also like it a lot how it is holding the fishing rod with the fines.


The base is a circular section of sea on which the island is located. I think that this base can give a lot of painting options and it would look great on a tall display of wood and transparent resin, but that is something that Lachlan will decide.

Another detail that we love is the opening for the dorsal fin in the raincoat and the hat, which considering that it is a pretty big shark, looks really great.


No doubt this is one of those custom miniatures that I hope to see painted soon because it is funny, simple and really classic (it reminds me a lot of that paperweight of Judge Snyder of The Simpsons).

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments and share it with your friends!

See you soon friends!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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