Daily Blog. The Gorilla Soldier

Good morning friends! Another Monday with a new review of another project that we liked a lot. This time I bring you a very cool gorilla that JSquared Games has commissioned us for their new tabletop game.


In the character strip that you can see below we have a general view of the miniature in T pose (as you already know, it is one of the first steps of 3D sculpting) with the details still unfinished. This mini has a quite impressive aesthetic effect because if a common gorilla is already enough intimidating, when you arm it with an assault rifle and a combat armor, all of it becomes better.

 Character Strip

We quite like how the armor has been finished, full of huge scratches and bullet impacts. The plates of the back and neck fit very well with the general aesthetics of the miniature and it personally reminds me of those equipment for skiers in extreme environments. Although it is not the real background of this character, the concept of a gorilla shooting while descending at full speed down a mountain makes me smille like a fool.


A fundamental part of the model is the base that is included. This base, has an additional functionality, since it is also a life counter. To design it, two pieces have been created with a central pivot on which the lower part rotates to show the game symbols through an opening in the upper part.


We hope that the proposal of our friends from Jsquared Games will be successful! We liked the game a lot and we hope that everyone can enjoy it soon. Good luck!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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