Daily Blog. We have posed the Forest Dragon!

As I move toward the creation pit, my heart shrinks with every desperate roar, muffled by the great steel doors.The heat sofocate me more with each step I take and the sound of the whips against the scaly skin reveals that within these rooms, the battle intensifies.

Hello everyone! Today I am especially happy with the progress of the guys of the creation department. If you are following this series of blogs, you will know that I have been talking for a few days about a very special mini for us, the Forest Dragon. This roaring monster, is becoming a very important challenge, since it includes a huge amount of details and its final pose, as you can see, is very different from the standard model.


Other parts that have taken shape in recent days have been the chest, with scales that form a perfect natural armor and that wooden horns, which personally remind me very much of the deep roots of the oaks that extend under the feet of the mountains.


One last point that I find incredible is the pose that has adopted, defensive and intimidating at the same time, very different from other dragons that we are used to seeing in Dnd and the most classic wargames.


I hope that you like our new scaly friend, I really want to show you this custom mini finished, although I am not sure I can hold it, the final model is going to be almost bigger than me!

See you!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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