Drunken Tengu

Hello buddies! Today I am presenting you a really funny miniature, that kind of miniatures that we really like in Imagine 3D Miniatures. Alex Hartwig contacted us two weeks ago with an offer that we cant refuse, sculpt for him a Drunken Tengu.

Maybe this sounds a bit wierd and if I tell you the truth, you are not far from reality. The Tengu are an anthropomorphic race of Pathfinder that are based on Japanese religious deities in which human features are mixed with raven features.


The premise for the design of this miniature was simple: A mini in defiant pose, holding a bottle of liquor and with the beak open, maybe saying something really inappropiate.


Our sculptress went ahead whit the work and in a few days we sent the final model to Alex, and quickly, he gave us the ok. As you can see the mini have a typical renacentist outfit, beeing this one of its most characteristic points.

This is one of many custom Pathfinder miniatures that we have designed lately, so do not hesitate to trust us to order yours! You can also send us pictures of your games and minis to continue improving our gallery!

See you!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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  • DustyBoy
    Friday, 18 May 2018, 21: 17: 56

    Alex Hartwig, would you be willing to order another of these and sell me one? If so, how much?