Energy from the deeps!

Hello friends! The other day I writed about the Killer Whale Warrior that we are designing for Thomas, and we can say that it is almost ready. At the moment, the only thing that is missing is base, which finally is going to be hexagonal instead of a round one.

Another new detail about I can write is the size of this mini: Almost 6 cm! As you already know, when we sculpt in this size , we can spend a lot of time in the small deatails, because the 3D printers are able to reproduce it perfectly.


Well, lets talk about the changes of the mini. Thomas wanted that his killer whale was charging a kind of kamehameha with a Dragon Ball stile, and of course we did. We add an energy sphere in its hands with a really cool result.


As I wrote in the previous post of this mini, we sculpted a loincloth too. For this piece María decided to gave it a soft curve in the opposite direction of the energy, and this gave more dynamism to the pose and compensating the forces of the right side of the mini.


For all the process of sculpting of this costum mini(since the order, to the shipping to printing) we spent around one and half week, so if you are hesitating in contact us because the proccess could be slow, do not be afraid, we can make true your ideas really faster.

There is not so much more to write about this mini, but wait! If you are going to swim this week...Maybe something may throw you a Kameheha from the deeps!

Ragnarôk, the midless goblin.

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