Fenrir Unchained!

Hello Adventurous! I guess that a lot of you are CGB (card battle games) enthusiast so probably you already know the game that Im going to write about today..

A few days ago, Ben Terral sent us some sketches and references of a character called Fenrir of a game that was released on February of 2012 and from which an anime was made called Rage of Bahamut. We dont usually play this kind of games (just some casual matches of hearthstone), so we started to search information about this game to try to learn as much as possible of it. With this information in our hands, we started the design of the mini.

About this commission, it was really nice that Ben sent us a lot of refferences. He sent us pictures of the pose that he wanted, a lot of drawings of the anime and the game and huge number of clothing options. Finally, Ben decided that the original outfit was the better option.

 Character Strip

As you can see in the pictures, the final pose is a battle cry stand, that gives the mini an epic look, with that broken chains in its ankles and wrists. The feral characteristics are something that we usually sculpt in other minis, and you can see this in the hands and feets. The skin cloths are another element that you can see finished in this pictures.


Curiously, one of the things that need more work when we sculpt this type of miniatures are the anime faces. This faces have really concrete facial characteristics that work really well on paper but that are really difficult to represent in a 3D environment. The shape of this faces are really sharp, but the eyes and the mouth dont have any volume, so our sculptress must try to made some artificial reliefs to create the sensation of a real anime face. And she does it really well, just take a look at the final result!


I must say that this mini is going to be pretty huge, around 120mm! We are sure that Fenrir is going to stand out a lot in its showcase!.

See you soon buddies, keep following the blog, we have a lot of minis to show you!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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