Final versión of the ILR Officer!

Hello one more time! Today in the blog, I am going to show you the final version of the ILR Officer of Sally 4th, the first special character of Albedo. Day by day, we are closer to the release of these fantastic minis!

In this final model, we made several changes that make the miniature really different from the previous one. These changes, as I told you in previous posts, are details that the client chose to change once they saw the T posed version of the character. This is one of the nicest points that the custom sculpting offers us, so if you are still doubting, encourage yourself and ask for yours!

One of the main changes is, of course, the change of the pose. As I wrote in the previous post about this mini, it has the tactical tablet in one hand and the other one is resting on the waist. We spent a long time in this hand because this mini is going to be multicomponent, so we needed it to fit perfectly with the rest of the bodies of this line of miniatures.


Maria also changed the form of the ears looking for a softer angle. She added a classic militar cap to emphasize the high rank of the character. The hairstyle was changed too, with more volume and definition.


Finally, we changed the footwear too. The high heels have been replaced for ankle boots more suitable with a militar suit, that also makes the leg area stronger, avoiding one of the weakest points of the mini.

This is all for today! We really want to see the project of Sally 4TH finished and we are sure that it is going to be a complete success!

See you soon!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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