From tabletop games to Imagine 3D Miniatures

From the first games to the creation of a studio


Tabletop games have been with us for decades, but recently it has become clear that players appreciate the inclusion of physical elements that we usually associate with a very specific model of board games, the wargames. Over the last few years, new proposals have been appearing that give greater importance to 3D elements and that is where our custom miniatures service comes in, with which we intend to satisfy the needs of the most demanding players.

When our group of friends put aside the toys of childhood, we began to look at games that included war conflicts, the need to make tactical decisions and that ones that offered us a high level of competition. But the game that changed our lives was the well known by all Warhammer Fantasy battles of Games Workshop, that offered us a game with high tactical complication and demanded a deep knowledge of the rules. This game, although it had a large number of followers, was a problem for the majority audience, since the expenditure involved to acquire a complete army, as well as the need of painting and the time necessary to enjoy a game, focused the selling on a very specific public that in many cases people pigeonholed in the freak subculture...

For us, it was in 2012 when two games appeared that supposed a revolution for the sector. On the one hand, X wing the game of space battles of the Star Wars franchise, in which the protagonists were space fighters, with a very simplified system of rules, with system of movement and damage and the most attractive for us, high detail and prepainted miniatures. The target of this game was oriented in the beginning to wargame players who were looking for a fast game, that did not include an excessive number of special rules and intricate tables (a very common problem in the games that have accompanied us since the 90s), the inclusion of detailed miniatures and even prepainted and with a accessible cost to almost all audiences. This game ended up being crowned as one of the most appreciated in the competitive scene and continues releasing numerous expansions. From this model raised by Fantasy Flight Games, around the world appeared more adaptations, as would be the case of TANKS of GF9, which we also have dedicated many hours.

On the other hand, the case of the guys from Zombicide was very different. A more traditional tabletop game, with grid and modular board but that included a lot of miniatures that represented the characters and the enemies they would face. This game has brought together at the same table people with long experience, new players who barely knew the monopoly and even people who would have never considered playing other games. This game got a high kickstarter reception and reached its goal of becoming one of the traditional most played tabletop games today.

Since then the scene has been tending to games of greater or lesser difficulty but that use some elements both decorative and protagonists that help players experience a greater immersion in the adventure that they face. And it is precisely at this point where our team of creation of customized miniatures enters. We intend to offer a service to satisfy the needs of the most demanding players. Many of the questions that we encounter when you contact us to transmit your ideas turn around the field of table games, role-playing games and even the desire to capture your favorite characters from comics, novels and videogames, and we certainly do our best to reproduce your sketches in the most faithful way!


We, as regular players of wargames and tabletop games, have found on many occasions that there is not an efficient tool to represent all kinds of things: scenography elements, tokens and our beloved main characters. It was because of this that we began to ask ourselves if there would be more people with our same problem, so we started thinking about an idea in which we ended up using all our experience and passion.

From Imagine 3D miniatures, we hope to bring your imagination to life, so do not hesitate to contact us via

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