GIGN Miniature Commission

Hi buddies! After the weekend, we come back with the blog to write about a miniature that I presented to you the last week. Finally we finished it and the mini is ready to be sent to its owner, Jacob Gaunder. We hope you enjoy it!

As we saw last week, this mini is based in one of the characters of the video game Rainbow Six siege. It is a member of the French special forces, the GIGN. His roll is the attack missions and he is a specialized at biohazard.

Following the usual process, Maria, our modeler, has given it a rest pose, as if he was waiting for the attack alarm or a review by a superior officer. The weapon, as it could not be any other way, has been sculpted based on the original one, the latest generation of submachine guns, the Vektor. For those who may be interested, this submachine gun is characterized by a very high shooting speed and barely perceptible recoil, which makes it a perfect assault weapon for close combat environments.

 Character Strip

In the previous article about this model, I told you that it is possibly one of the most realistic miniatures that you have commissioned, and this is something that we have loved, since we do not usually work with realistic anatomical models. In the models that we usually sculpt (and more in the case of 3D printing) the hands, feet and head usually have larger dimensions than the real ones and this is done this way because our brain, in such small sizes, perceives them to be more correct. In addition, it also helps us to make the model more ressistant and to not lose detail once printed.


As a curious fact, I also wanted to write a little more about the design process of a realistic custom miniature, such as Lion, the GIGN member. Before starting the sculpting, our production and art team has to carefully study all possible references to try to make all the elements of the miniature available as close as possible to the real object. In our file folders, we have huge amounts of documentation about weapons, armors, clothes and hairstyles, just saying.


We have been busy this last weeks with a lot of very cool assignments, and the truth is that we are very happy to be able to work on these projects, since they allow the whole team of Imagine 3D Miniatures to keep improving, each one in their field.

That is all for today, really soon I will write about a very interesting project that we are working on, keep following the blog!

See you soon!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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