Guide to ordering a custom miniature


In this blog post we are going to explain how to order a custom miniature at Imagine 3D Miniatures website and we are also going to answer some of the FAQs that we get from you. Our purpose is to get feedback from you that helps us build a complete FAQs section in our webpage.

Lets get started!

I have an idea in mind for my custom miniature. Where do I place my order?

Easy, contacting us directly via . Each of you want different things and 3D sculpting and printing allows us to make unique miniatures, that is why we have a personalized customer service. Our team will provide you full attention and support during all stages of the order.

Is this a service just for companies or can I order just one custom miniature?

You can order just one custom miniature. This is a service for everybody. In fact, many of our customers are individuals who are RPG players and want to get 3D printed miniatures of their characters.

I want to know prices before I make the order but I can’t find them in your website, how much does this service cost?

This is a custom service that depends on the size and difficulty of the miniature, so we are not able to make a price list in our website. We need to know more about your idea to give you an estimated price, but do not worry, you can ask us for a budget without commitment via

OK, I have already contacted you, What do i need to send?

Although we will help you at every moment, it is good that you know in advance what we will be asking for. The first thing is a complete and precise description of the miniature you want and what size should it be once it is 3D printed. The second one is a concept art - in case you do not have one we can use images as a reference of what you want.

I am interested in the service, how do I pay for it?

We use PAYPAL and we offer you two different payment options: advance payment or 50% in advance and 50% upon delivery.

Great, I have made my decision. How long does it take to complete the whole process?

We are happy to make a miniature for you! It depends on the difficulty of the model and on how busy is our team, but it usually takes about a week and a half to sculpt it and 10 days to 3D print it and ship it.

Once the miniature is printed will I also get the 3D file?

Yes, we always send you the 3D file.

But I have a 3D printer at home, can I order only the 3D model and not the printing?

Sure! Just tell us what format do you need.

I am a company, what rights do I have on the model?

You have all rights, we only reserve the right to show the model in our online and offline platforms.

Can I send my custom miniatures in your store?

Yes, once we have sculpted a miniature for you, you can sell the model in our online store. You set the price and we take care of everything else. We send you your part at the end of the month when your sales are over 50€.

This post will be in constant development, let us know your questions!

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