HC SVNT DRACONES first expansion NOW on Kickstarter

This Kickstarter will fund the first expansion to the HC SVNT DRACONES tabletop mini line, adding new body shapes, poses, and options

HC SVNT DRACONES successful Kickstarter in July has lead its creator, Pierce Fraser, to launch another crowdfunding campaign for the first expansion of the anthro miniature line.

We have told you before what HSD is about and that this line of modular, customization tabletop anthro miniatures can be found in our own website in The 3D Miniatures Shop. "The store is live and running great, and our first round of funding gave us a wonderful selection of initial options". And now, as Pierce Fraser says, it is time to grow: "When this Kickstarter completes, we aim to provide at least four individual heroic quadrupedal characters, and with a little extra effort, integrate them as tauric lower body options for the existing HSD miniature line too!"

Backers of the project will get unique HSD miniatures and also have the chance to custom their own figure. The campaign also includes stretch goals which will be unlocked once it reaches the $ 6,000 funding goal — which is very likely since Pierce Fraser has already successfully completed 4 Kickstarters before.

This Kickstarter campaign will be running until January 6 so do not wait to have some fun customizing anthro miniatures in HC SVNT DRACONES online store and to take a look at the expansion project which will be adding new items to the current line.

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