HSD custom miniatures now available!

HC SVNT DRACONES has arrived to The 3D Miniature Shop

Remember the anthro miniature line Kickstarter we posted about a few months ago? Things went well for HC SVNT DRACONES and now we’re glad to announce that their custom miniatures are available in our web!


HC SVNT DRACONES is a tabletop role playing game which explores a post-human universe. Now, players have a way to represent their characters on an actual game mat with paintable, modular miniature kits for custom anthro characters compatible with 35mm scale.

As you can see, Imagine 3D Miniatures webpage has included a section for HC SVNT DRACONES miniatures where the buyer can select to assemble the custom figure. It works the same as Mounted Heroes, with a miniature creator system that will allow you to select between different heads, bodies, arms… And they’ll also be printed in Black High Definition Acrylate, a 3D printing material perfect for miniatures.


What will you find in this custom miniature creator? The displayed options include heads and bodies of eagles, crocodiles, otters, lizards and much more; each of them can be combined with parts of other animals, like legs or tails. You can also find different sets of clothes and weapons to complete your anthro miniatures, though more options and new items will come in time.


And why are HC SVNT DRACONES custom miniatures in our website? HSD miniatures are included in our new service: The 3D Miniatures Shop, a 3D miniature model marketplace where people can sell their miniatures. This new e-commerce service allows you to open your own miniature shop to sell your miniatures worldwide. If you’re interested in more info about this, don’t hesitate contacting us via info@imagine3dminiatures.com to explain us your project, we’ll be happy to hear from you!

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