If you were looking for an anthro miniature line, you’ve found it

Welcome to HSD Kickstarter campaign for anthro urban/scifi miniatures line, compatible with 30mm scale minis for war games, tabletop RPGs, and painting!


What’s HC SVNT DRACONES? It’s a tabletop role playing game which explores a post-human universe. Pierce Fraser is the creator of this world inhabited by anthro characters that has already seen two succesful Kickstarter campaigns. The goal now is to expand it more by giving players a way to represent their characters on an actual game mat. And this can be done with paintable, modular miniature kits for custom anthro characters.


“When Pierce told me about this project I thought it was going to be amazing” remembers David Pérez, CEO of Imagine 3D Miniatures. Both creators have been working together for months now, sculpting, 3D printing and testing different models. “The results are beautiful and affordable in the small order numbers we expect from individual consumers”, says Pierce Fraser. The goal of this Kickstarter is to sculpt a variety of different components so whatever the buyer selects to assemble the figure it will make it look more like what they see in their head, rather than what they see in a rulebook. Imagine 3D Miniatures will be displaying these options in its Visor system, the same that is already being used for the line of miniatures Mounted Heroes. “Think of it like building a character in a video game”.


This is the first line of 3D printed anthro miniatures. Given that HSD is looking to provide players – and anthro miniatures enthusiasts – with custom characters, 3D printing is a much better option than injection plastic molds. “Since the primary goal of this line is to create custom heroes and not necessarily full platoons of troops, the slightly more expensive per-unit price is mitigated by the fact that most people will only be buying one or two of them, rather than a dozen or more at a time”, explains Pierce Fraser. “With this, you can make your hero, instead of just selecting a hero”. 3D printed miniatures are more expensive now but this technique also allows a high level of customization and its proven that latest materials have increased the resolution and improved the smoothness and resistance of the printed figures.

Beyond the goals

Initial funding includes different components for canine, feline, aviale, reptilian and mustildae miniatures. From then, several stretch goals can be unlocked, featuring other species with ther respective components. But this project has no end. There are tons of additional options available and potential directions to continue growing.


This HSD Kickstarter campaign has been launched on June 10th. In the past, Pierce Fraser has successfully funded two HSD campaigns, the first one with $17.220 and the second one with $29.725. On April he also released The Fate’s Fangs novel set in HSD universe.

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