Imagine 3D Miniatures

Welcome to Imagine 3D Miniatures

We are a company born with the idea of using the capabilities offered by 3D printing for miniature designing and creation.

3D printing allows us to manage without traditional molds for making figures, giving us the chance to use this technology to print completely different miniatures.

Under this idea we decided to develop our first line of customizable miniatures: Mounted Heroes.

fantasy miniatures 3d printed

Mounted Heroes are fantasy customizable 3D printed miniatures. Our team has worked for months developing the different pieces which allow the user to create millions of different characters combining poses, accessories and one of our brands key element: the mounts.

This miniatures can be customized through a 3d viewer which, in an easy and intuitive way, allows the selection of different pieces which will be becoming a part of the final character, starting from choosing a race. Once the different accessories has been selected and the customization has ended, the user will have the choice of putting the character over one of the available mounts for each race.

Dragon, griffin and horse for the Human knight, and wyvern, boar and lizarodon for the Orc warrior, are the mounts that we have already launched. But our team is currently working on new races, new mounts and new options with which we will offer a complete customization experience.

Soon we will launch a crowdfunding campaign with which we hope to get enough funding to reach those goals and start new 3D printing projects for all kind of miniatures.

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