Introducing New 3D Printing Material: Black High Definition Acrylate

A big step for 3D printing custom miniatures

This new 3D printing material is already available in our online store. It’s a high detail material similar to Frosted Ultra Detail, but smoother and more durable.


Black High Definition Acrylate is perfect for those designing miniatures because it provides very high detail in even the smallest designs and the smooth surface takes to paint very well.


But, what is this Black High Definition Acrylate thing? It is a UV sensitive acrylic polymer similar to Frosted Ultra Detail (material which we have been normally using until the date) but with slightly different material properties and printing processes. Black High Definition Acrylate is printed using a different kind of process which provides excellent resolution and accuracy. It also provides a smoother finish which lends itself really well to painting. This material is more durable and flexible due to a combination of its strength and elongation properties, and it is perfect for designers who want a more customizable material for miniatures and other high detail products.


We are happy about the releasing of this new material and very excited now that it is included among the available 3D printing materials in our online shop because we think that this this is a great asset for the customization process of our Mounted Heroes miniatures. Its qualities make it a perfect material for making the most of the work of our designers and modelers who always pay the closest attention to detail, which, unfortunately, until now could be lost due to the properties of other less favorable materials.

We invite you to try this new material and to share your results with us by using HT #MountedHeroes in social media or contacting us via our webpage.

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