Killer Whale for Tom William

Hello friends! Yes, I know that I didnt post anything this week, but as you already know, we are spending a lot of our time working in a very special project thatwe will start to show you really soon. We are sure that this new project is going to stunt you.

Right now we are working in a lot of custom minis, and today Im going to write about one that we are enjoying a lot: an anthro warrior of the ocean for Tom William, the killer whale!

This mini needs a few more details to be finished but for now Im going to show you all the details that make this sea carnivore a really unique piece. Lets go!


First of all Im going to write about its weapon. As you can see is a double blade harpoon inspired by the classic tridents that makes reference to the main diet of the killer whales, so the blades of this weapon are full of shark teeth. Our artistic team made a fantastic work with the design of this weapon that gives the miniature a nice epic look.


I will continue writing about the supplies of our killer whale. The shoulder pad of the right arm is a hippopotamus skull that acts as complement of the spear strap and helps to break the simetry of the mini. On the other hand we can see the shell in the belt that in the final model is going to hold the loincloth.

For the body we also have many things that we like a lot. The head and tail are the parts that represent the animal part of this miniature. Maria has achieved very precise proportions of this animal, with details such as the dorsal fin of the alpha whales (much longer than the fins of the other members in the pack).


Finally, in terms of human attributes, Tom William wanted his character to be very muscular, so all the muscles have been greatly exaggerated. The final model, however, will be slightly wider than this one.

This is all for today! I hope you like this mini as much as we like it!

See you buddies!

Ragnarok, the mindless goblin.

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