Kleelux finished!

Hello buddies! Today I am presenting you the final model of my great friend Kleelux, the goblin with the big smile and a wooden leg.

As you know, this goblin is part of the commission that Daniel Trout asked for a few weeks ago and that apart from the goblin included the Tabaxi, which I will possibly show you tomorrow finished.


In other posts I had already commented that after sending the client the character strips of their minis, it is usual that they decides to make certain changes in the model, and in kleelux there are a couple of things that were changed. First of all, we had to fix the pose, which is often designed thinking, among other things, the personality of our character or a specific situation that has to face. In this case, it was decided to grant him a challenging and mocking position, very typical of a member of the best race of epic fantasy (even the elves know this).


Another change, although more subtle, was to rescale the club, which at first was going to be smaller but for aesthetic reasons, we decided that if the head is large, the club should be it too.


After fixing the body posture and the main changes, all the details that were not in the character strip were added. These details are usually added in the final phase because they are things that are not essential in the conceptual model and they are placed it after posing the character because it can save a lot of time and headaches. The knife that is attached to the pants was added ex post, and also the belt of the bag with all the utensils that a good goblin needs in its routine (voodoo dolls, chains ...) and the stone under its feet, that in addition to making sense of the pose, gives a bit of detail to the base.


And this is Kleelux my friends, a very elegant and friendly goblin that will surely give more than one good moment to his future owner. We want to thank Daniel Trout for trusting us with such a special commission.

By the way! Send us more pictures of your custom miniatures, we are working in a gallery to expose them all, we really want to show your models!

Good luck!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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