Modeling Mounted Heroes (I): the Human Knight

Transforming artwork in 3D objects

 human knight cap

In a previous post we told you how the artistic creation process of Mounted Heroes human knight was developed.

After this process, our design team passed the baton to our 3D modeling team. Their task was to transform the artwork in 3 dimensional objects suitable to 3D printing technique and it specifications.

First it was the turn of the human knight. We started modeling the body and fitting the proportions that later would allow us to suit it to the different positions.

 body human

After the body, we also modeled a head that we would use as the basis to which we would add expressions and other details. In the picture bellow you can see the first basic head.

 head human

Once the body was modeled, we created the different stands for the human knight. With those finished, we started modeling the five different armor sets that we had already defined and which the human knight would wear.

 armor  helmet  sword

Here you can see the 3D modeling evolution of a shoulder pad for the human knight:

 shoulder pad
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