Modeling Mounted Heroes (II): the Orc Warrior

Transforming artwork in 3D objects

 orc cap

In a previous post we talked about how we worked on the 3D modeling of the Human Knight of Mounted Heroes so now we will show how we developed the 3D modeling of the Orc Warrior, larger and more complex than the previous character.

 orc back

To transform the orc artwork into 3D objects, our 3D modeling team developed a thoruogh study of the orc’s 3D anatomic proportions, taking special care of muscles and hard facial features.


This way they were able to generate very rich and powerful facial expressions which help brutalize the character of the orc warrior.

Afterwards, the armor began to take shape. Starting from the five armor sets that we had already designed, the 3D modeling team transformed them into 3D objects which fit the orc body. Armors, boots, shoulder pads, weapons,… A hard work by which customizing Mounted Heroes is possible.


In the picture you can see the 3D model of the flail that we mentioned in the post about the artistic creation process of the orc warrior which chain links are separated one from another, so after printing it you get a completely flexible chain.

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  • Estell Pagac
    Estell Pagac
    Monday, 14 January 2019, 20: 04: 00

    Wonderful I the way that you make custom 3d modeling heroes can you please explain to me how could you make this character back body with perfect body cuts?