Modeling Mounted Heroes (III): The Mounts

Transforming artwork into 3D objects

 mounts 2

Among the possibilities that Mounted Heroes customization offers, there is an option for having your own character riding one of the criatures that, after modeling the human knight and the orc warrior , we began to model.

 horse  horse armor

Our 3D modeling team began working on the set of human mounts, that is the horse, the dragon and the Griffin. Althought in this case figures weren’t conditioned by a wide set of armors – in fact, by the time each one has only one possible armor – it is true that the modeling work had to be very careful with details, sincewhich mounts are the largest miniatures.

 dragon  dragon armor

As you can see, mounts textures were very carefully made both with and without the armor. You already know that we offer the possibility of getting custom miniatures, which means that you can have the mount itself even with or withour armor. Respecting such kind of details in the modeling work, what we have achieved is a quality product which can also adapt to the needs of 3D printing.

 griffin  griffin armor

As for the orc mounts, we followed basically the same way, except that in this case two of the creatures were reptilian kind, so we had to keep in mind the change of textures.

 wyvern  wyvern armor  lizarodon  lizarodon armor

One of the difficulties we found working on the 3D printing for the mounts was the size and thickness of some of the details. For instance, the teeth of the dragon, the boar’s tail, the griffin’s claws or the armor’s spikes were objects that we were forced to thicken because currently – and since it is a technology that still needs improvement – not every 3D printing materials are able to adapt to very thin thickness.

 boar  boar armor
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