Mounted Heroes Miniature Creator

Creating miniatures

One of the challenges we have found during the development of Mounted Heroes has been the creation and design of a creator which allows the user to see, at a time, the different pieces available, the selected piece and the miniature itself.

This creator is an essential element in the idea of Mounted Heroes. The main goal of it is to make easier the miniature customization, making of it a smooth and intuitive action.

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In the creator you will see the miniature, poses, components (divided into thirteen different categories), the option of placing it on a mount, the type of the mount, its armor and even the printing material.

From the website you can access to three different creators: the Human creator, which allows you to customize both human and mounts available for this race; the Orc creator, which allows you to customize both orc and mounts available for this race; and the mounts creator, exclusive for the mounts in case the user wishes to create a riderless mount.

We have also added to the creator a Favorite section, so the user is able to name, save, modify and share his creations.

So far we have developed a lot of work around the creator. At the moment it remains on beta version but it is fully operational. In the near future, we hope to raise enough funding through a crowdfunding campaign to go ahead with the project and make all possible improvements on the website and, more specifically, on the creator. Meanwhile, you can help us reporting any problem or bug you find during the customization process. Thank you!

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