New addionts to the 3D Miniatures Shop

In this last two weeks our office is completely out of order! We have been working for some time in an idea for a new line of miniatures and you cant imagine how difficult it is to gatter all the possible information about our favorite monsters of epic fantasy.


Tarrasque horns on the shelves, beholder eyes floating in glass bottles in the kitchen (some of us have already eaten some by mistake), a gelatinous cube in the sink, different types of scales on the know, the typical stuff...

The idea of create our own monster line for your games started with Mounted Heroes, but we always wanted to expand it and dont focus exclusively on mounts for our heroes. The big problem has been that

custom miniatures

orders have take a lot of our time this last years, but finally we have been able to carry out this proyect with wich you can fill your battlefields of horns, claws and teeths...And we want them to be great! On our facebook page we have asked you which are your favorite monsters to start with those you like more, so dont hesitate to propose all the crazy things that lives on your minds, we know you have great ideas.


We personally have allways loved dinosaurs and we have always missed them in our games, so we have started desgning some of our favorites, mixing realistic elements with fantastic touches so they dont be out of place in the rest of our personal collection.

In addition to this we are working on a line of accessories and scenography for your dungeons that we will be adding little by little to the store. These new components will be grouped in different series for give to your games a very personal aspect, but we will inform you in a near future about this.

Also and as we told you a few days ago on social networks, we have made some changes to one of our favorite miniatures, the Mage Fox. The classic model of this miniature is very impressive with its nine tails floating in the winds of magic, but many people told us that it is slightly uncomfortable to use in your games, so we have changed the size of the tails and the position so you can use it without any problem. For those who like the old model, do not worry because we will not delete it from our files, it will still be avaible in the store ready to launch waves of fire over your enemies!


We hope that you like these news, write us your ideas for monsters on facebook so we can start with them as fast as possible!

P.S: If you dont have news again, prepare your weapons and come to rescue us, the Displacer Beast almost managed to escape from its cage...

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