New albedo multicomponent pieces.

Hellow Buddies! A few weeks ago I posted about the game that our friends of Sally 4th were working on based on Albedo Universe.

Albedo is a comic series that published its first volume in 1983 and the last one in 2005. This comics take place in a fantasy universe inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures that made a whole generation fell in love with them.

The team of Sally 4th is working in a marketing campaign for their tabletop game in which we will find a lot of multicomponent miniatures jointly designed with our artistic team. For now we are working in 5 different models of weapons, 5 bodies, 9 heads and 4 tails, but we hope that soon we will be ready to show you a lot of new components.

If you are usual followers, surely you know the first miniature of this range, the Albedo Patrol, an anthro Cat with a raincoat and an assault rifle. The other minis are going to share the same style, with that cartoon characteristics mixed with the new proportion trends that we use to see in the current wargames and board games miniatures.

This minis will be produced in metal and in the pictures below you can take a look to some of the possible options that you will be able to make with the multicomponent pieces.

 Albedo Dog Soldier  Albedo Fox Soldier  Albedo Rabbit Soldier

We will be posting about this project so you dont miss anything and remember that if you have any question about this prject or any other, let us know in the comments!

See you soon folks!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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