New mini for Albedo!

Hello everyone! I havent posted anything these days because we are really bussy in the office trying to deal with wild dragons, outspace conquerors and all that stuff, so sorry. Besides this, we are working in a huge project that is going to be completely amzing (Stay tuned because we are going to present something new really soon).

Well, after that... Lets go! Today Im going to present you another mini for Sally 4TH in which we are working for their Albedo line. This minaiture is going to be a special character so we design it as a single component mini for resin production. The good point of this, is that its arms are going to be able as another piece for the basic multicomponent line.


This ILR commander officer share the style of its companions in arms, but with a few personal details that make it unique. The tactical tablet that you can see in the pic, the skirt and the high heels are some of its new elements.


Previously I wrote about our workflow and how your sketches help us to design the custom miniatures. For this concrete commission, our friends of Sally 4TH sent us this picture to develop the final pose. Thanks to this, we can be faster in the sculpting and delivery time.


One thing that I love about this mini is the rabbit face. That little teeth are a nice success and I think that the hair style fit perfectly with the archetype of this character.


There is not much more to say about this ILR Officer for now. I hope that we can finish it fast to show you the final result soon.

See you, friends!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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