NEW: Miniaturize yourself in a few steps!

Miniaturize Me is the new express custom service

Remember when we talked about how you can miniaturize yourself with 3D printing? Back then we were talking about a service where you order a full custom miniature of yourself. This service works exactly like the custom miniatures service, you explain us what you want and we model it for you. Many people were interested in getting a miniature of theirselves but many did not know exactly what they wanted, so we started to create Miniaturize Me.


Miniaturize Me is a service for getting a custom miniature of yourself in a few steps. It is different from the custom miniature service because here you select from a previous display of options which miniature you want your face in: mermaid, astronaut, football player, samurai, cowboy,… So it is easier than ordering a full custom miniature.


First of all you have to upload 5 pictures of your face from different angles. Since we are not symmetrical, we need this to create an accurate sculpting of you. Make sure that there is enough light when you take the pictures.


After this you will be able to select from many options of characters which one you want for your miniature. The characters are valid both for men and women. Remember that with this service you get an express miniature of yourself, so whichever character you select it will be a default design. If you want to customize it, you will need to contact us at for a custom miniature.


Once you have selected a character, you can choose a base and also the size of your figure (35, 54, 75 or 90 mm).

And there you go! We will contact you to confirm your order and begin sculpting your face. Once the miniature is 3D printed we will send it to the given address.

What do you think of this service? Tell us in the comments or in our social media!

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