Ready to battle!

Hello Friends! Today Im going to show you one commission that we really love. As you know, the team of Imagine 3D Miniature are hardcore players of wargames and when Bradley contact us the last week and ordered us a mini that represents his main special character, we almost cry of illusion.

Bradley wanted a custom miniature that represents a jungle soldier with a lot of mechanic implants and with a strong and badass appearance, so with this information and some references that Bradley sent us, we start with the work.


First of all, we can take a look to the implants of the miniature. The right arm, as you can see, is a full metal piece that remplaces the original one, that probably this character lost in some fierce battle over the jungles or maybe cause the explosion of a hidden mine while it was dragging under the ferns. We can se another bionic piece in the left side of the head that cover the eye, maybe added after a accurate sniper shot.

About the clothing we can see a few interesting points. The boots, for example, are designed specialy for a character that spends all its time walking by hostile terrains, so we decided to remove the laces so any root cant make it fall. We add classic military pants and we didnt add a shirt, beacuse this soldier like to show off in front of its enemies.


About the weapons theres not so much to say, just a shotgun of big calibre with a strap of ammunation in the chest and a big combat knife in the back, that help it to cross the jungle faster.

In the belt we can see the combat supplies: Granades, a pistol and a skull of a weird and dangerous animal, that gives a threatening aspect.

What do you thing about this mini? We are really happy with the result and we hope to show you the final version soon.

See you soon!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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  • CierraBeahan
    Wednesday, 27 March 2019, 19: 17: 52