Some ideas for your orders

Hello friends! After a few weeks posting reviews of miniatures we are working in, Im going to change the roll a bit to tell you about the things that Imagine 3D Miniatures can offer you. Go ahead!


Of course! the star of the orders, the jewel in the crown, the apotheosis of Imagine 3D Miniatures... well, all that stuff, you know. At Imagine, we are experts in the design of miniatures for wargames, RPGs and all kinds of tabletop games that you can imagine. As veteran players, we know that it is often difficult to find an industrial model with which we can feel identified, that can faithfully represent our characters and that has a high level of detail to be proud of when showing them. Do not hesitate to tell us what you want, we will make sure that the result becomes perfect.

 Dragon Girl

Game complements.

Are you fed up with the typical glass counters for magic? Do you think your event markers are crappy? Do you need some more cool tokens for Armada or X-Wing? Do not be the mainstream of your friends and surprise them with custom tokens that will dazzle all those present as soon as you put them on the table. Remember that as soon as we design your markers, we will also send you the .OBJ file with which you can print as many copies as you want, even from home if you own a 3D printer. Cool, right?



Do you want to have a scaled replica of Notre Dame of Paris in your home? Or maybe you need some good buildings in ruins for your blitzkrieg over Poland in your games of Flames of War. Hey, maybe you just want to put a few heaps of corpses in your dungeons...We think that is great! We will be happy to design all the elements of scenography that you can imagine, and we can offer you the option of designing them specifically for resin molds, so your production will be even easier. María (our magnificent sculptress) has great notions of architecture, and will surely be able to capture what you need.

 Gothic Church


Maybe you thought that in Imagine we only dedicate ourselves to the world of games and leisure. Well no, we can also create jewelry with which to definitely fall in love with your special other. Rings, pendants, bracelets, earings ... Whatever you can think of! As you know, 3D printing opens a huge range of possibilities in terms of creating all kinds of things and jewelry is included. From small pieces in plastic for a more casual style for this summer or maybe delicate pieces in platinum for your nights at the opera. Remember! if you are going to participate in a distinguished event surrounded by elves, do not forget to invite this humble goblin :D


Crazy ideas that inhabit your twisted mind.

YES, everything we can help you create, no matter how crazy. We will be happy to make all those things that you have always wanted but that you dont find in any store. New pieces for your favorite brands of miniatures, a Thanos glove (please, order this), some dragon balls, an Isochronic Scepter... Whatever you want.

 Cat Girl

Well, friends, do not hesitate to contact us to make your ideas come true, we have been experts in this for years and we will surely enjoy designing it as much as you will using it in your parties, giving it to your partners or simply showing it with pride from your shelves.

See you Buddies!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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