Special Forces Soldier

hello friends! As you can see by the actual number of blog entries, we are posting a lot of reviews of your custom minis so do not be afraid if yours takes a couple of weeks (we are really bussy!).

Today I am presenting you a miniature that has been commissioned by Jacob Gaunder and is based on one of the characters of Rainbow Six Siege, one of the most successful titles of this genre of recent years.

 Character Strip

This mini represents a soldier of the special forces and our modeler, Maria, has managed to capture perfectly all the equipment that this team uses in its operations. Maria and David, our orverlord, who form the creative team have tried to capture in this miniature a more realistic vision than the usual in our previous minis.


A very complicated detail is the gas mask that this character has. This mask, in theory is a transparent plate that covers the face, which, as you have already imagined, put us in a big dilemma since the only logical way to solve it was to ignore the existence of this crystal (lets cross our fingers for a 3D printer that can make transparent parts!)


Apart from all this, we can see a lot number of high quality details in the backpack, in the bulletproof vest, the boots and of course in the balaclava. When it is finished, it will be even more impressive.

For now there is not much more to say about this custom miniature, just remember that it is still in a T pose, and that we have to add some things like the weapon and some other details.

I hope you liked it! And remember, if you want a miniature of your favorite character, contact us and please, please, please, order us a Geralt of Rivia miniature.

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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