The Art of Mounted Heroes (I): The Human Knight

A review to the artistic creation process


We are very proud of the Imagine 3D Miniatures team and we want you to know the art behind the miniatures you customize.

The first character we developed for Mounted Heroes was the human knight. With the idea of starting by creating two antagonist races, human and orcs, we found in the knight a noble figure which represented the nature we wanted for the race. Covered by a powerful and elaborated armor, the human knight is inspired by the Gothic Knights of XVI and XVII centuries and by the Spanish infantry of the time.

 human sketch 1

The next step was to create the different interchangeable components for the miniature. To do this, we came up with five different sets of armor, each one of them including pieces which could be combined with the other sets.

 human sketch 2

After a series of sketches, we chose to develop those five sets as an evolution from the lightest to the most armored armor, keeping the cohesion between the different pieces to facilitate its following combination.

What came next was more technical but equally artistic: 3D modeling of human and all its variables: head, hair, pose, armor, shoulder pad, boots, weapons… A complicated work from which we learned a lot and that forced us to focus on improving our workflow and to be more prepared for the following steps we were going to be taking on the development of Mounted Heroes.

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