The Art of Mounted Heroes (II): The Orc Warrior

A review to the artistic creation process


After the process of developing the human knight and thanks to the dedication and constant work of our team, Mounted Heroes moved towards the creation of the orc warrior.

Behind this fearsome creature hides a work even more laborious and meticulous of artistic creation.

For the development of the orc warrior, nemesis of the human knight, we wanted to create a fierce, aggressive and bloodthirsty character. If the human knight represented a noble figure, the orc was to be a fierce fighter.

We kept our inspiration moving on this direction keeping based on the traditional concept of the orc. We first modeled the body and over it we designed the pieces that would give it the look we wanted to achieve.

We modeled a strapping and heavy body and then began to design a series of sketches for the armor. We then proceeded to design the additional parts that would be placed over it, such as symbols, chains, spikes, etc., inspired by more primitive and rough aspects.

 orc sketch 4

As for the human knight, we developed five sets of armor, from lighter to heavier favoring the combination of the different pieces from the different sets.

 orc sketch 1  orc sketch 2  orc sketch 3

All this work of artistic creation resulted in a complete and varied catalog of poses, heads, accessories and other pieces. We even worked, with great enthusiasm, on the modeling of a flail with independent chain links so that, after printing it, it would look much more realistic. The result was as successful as we expected, which motivated us to believe even more – if possible – in the possibilities of our project.

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