The Art of Mounted Heroes (III): The Mounts

A review to the artistic creation process

With both characters – the Human Knight and the Orc Warrior – already created, it came the turn for the mounts, a key part of the project Mounted Heroes. Its development was carried out with special attention to design and a series of preliminary artwork which defined the style and shape of each mount.

As you already know, Mounted Heroes is an oingoing project and at the moment it has two races available, each one with three different possible mounts: one small, another one medium and a large one.

Human mounts


Always leaving room for the traditional, the first mount we designed for the Human Knight was the horse. Its armor design is inspired by the horses’ plate armor of XV and XVI centuries to which we added a scale armor for the neck and a chest plate. This sketch also defined the final position of the horse.

Leaping into the realm of magic and fantasy, the following two mounts we chose for the Human Knight were a griffin and a dragon.


In the case of the griffin, we designed a plate armor with sharpener edges in line with the fast and agile character of this creature.


For the dragon we designed a scale armor inspired by Persian cataphracts and we used the plate armor for the legs, chest, tail and neck.

Orc mounts


For the Orc mounts we first chose the boar and the wyvern for being the most characteristic. Just like its rider, we gave them a more barbaric an brutal aspect, with an armor of rough and corroded plates decorated with tribal amulets, spikes and skulls.


During the progess of this process, the third Orc mount was always an unknown. At this point, we made the decision of creating our own creature, which we called lizarodon. The orc, provided with a brutal and primitive character and coming from barren and desolate places inhabited by reptiles, inspired the idea of a creature bigger tan a crocodile and that was a great predator from the same deserts where the Orc comes from.


For this creature we designed an armor similar to the others but to which we added a saddle shaped as a throne and a banner that underlines the importance of the lizarodon rider.

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