The Art of Mounted Heroes: The Dwarves

A review to the artistic creation process

Dwarves are the fourth race that forms Mounted Heroes custom 3D printed miniatures line, preceded by humans, orcs and elves. Since Fall 2015 our online store and miniature creator have been opened in our website, where we offer miniatures in different scales and 3D printed materials.

Dwarves have been a big success in our online store. From Imagine 3D Miniatures team we consider that since we launched our Kickstarter last Spring only with humans and orcs, there’s been a qualitative leap on the next races as our team improved their technique and got specialized in the modeling and the technology. For these reasons we want to show you a bit of the creation process of Mounted Heroes Dwarves through this post.


When we posted Mounted Heroes launching video we showed a first illustration of the Dwarves art as a preview of what would come next. This concept art marked the line that the Dwarves creation process was going to follow through that first helmet and that first hammer that were leading the following armor sets.


First body and poses sketches of the Dwarf were also used for studying proportions, a subject in which we have insisted in all of our posts about the art of Mounted Heroes. It’s important to study not only the physical proportions of the body but also the relative proportions proporciones to the other races and the displayed scales (28, 35, 54, 75 y 90 mm). The following sketches would be led express the personality of this impassible race.


On of the qualitative leaps which we mentioned before can be found on the faces and facial expressions of the Dwarves. As you can see in the following 3D image, these expressions were translated into the 3D modeling.


At the same time of this facial and body work, our team developed the designs for the different sets of armors. Taking the concept art from the beginning as a reference, we started to design helmets, armors, boots, shoulder pads, weapons,… paying big attention to the detail as you can see in the following helmet:


Our team worked hard also on different designs of filigrees, runes and other details to embellish the sets of armors, as shown in these examples:


You’ll se that, even some of these designs have been modified in the final product, we’ve kept them in the different ítems that form Mounted Heroes Dwarves miniatures:

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