The metal tomb is open

Our beloved goblin is in a quite convoluted situation (issues of claws, teeth and fire), but shortly before starting with the crazy project to create a dragon, our boys from the artistic department participated in certain rituals that would end in the awakening of an ancestral creature older than time, darker than night and more cruel than the world itself …

A few days before ...

Good morning folks! I am in front of a huge monolith of dark metal, full of crystals that shine with a ghostly and intense green color. All its surface releases an energy that we can not identify and it seems that inside, a sarcophagus contain the body of a cold, ancient and skeletal creature. Its body structure is not composed of bones, but looks like the same metal from which the monolith and the sarcophagus are built.


This ancestral construct is still in the preliminary phase and as you can see, the staff has not yet become the deadly weapon that will soon devastate the galaxy. On the other hand, the backbone and the hands, which in these images appear as an organic material, will soon become an element as cold as the rest of the miniature.

The face (that in my opinion is ****ing amazing) is the most advanced part of the mini and possibly dont will be changed in the final model.


Sometimes, when you talk with us to start a project for the design of a custom miniature, you asked us about the width of certain parts of the miniatures (for example, in this case, it could be seen in the decorative elements that go behind the shoulders and that have archaic characters) and this is because today, 3D printers still need a certain width in the elements that constitutes the pieces to print to preserve the detail and not breaking with manipulation.


This project is very interesting because it has allowed our modeler and our commander to work with a miniature that is completely created by elements that must be organic and have the properties of hard surfaces.

Farewell and enjoy the day!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

The entire sarcophagus begins to vibrate subtly, the walls of the great steel pyramid start radiate heat and inside the sarcophagus, the eyes light up with a green glow, eyes full of wisdom, malice and hatred.

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