The Swarm Queen is comming!

Hello friends! Many of those born before the 90s will remember a movie that with the passing of the years has become a classic for many and a pain in the neck for many others. This movie, as it could not be any other way, is Starship Troopers. We, as loyal fans of this saga, were quite happy when our friend Brian Nishimura ordered us this Swarm Queen. So ... Go ahead recruits!

 character Strip

As you can see this mini is going to be really big, maybe around 75mm. Although we have not done yet the final pose, we have a fairly clear basic idea: the bug will be coming out of a hole in the ground leaving the entire lower part of the body hidden. On the front of the miniature we can see all the traits that a good giant insectoid must have. A chitinous frontal armor, long segmented appendages and a mouth full of teeth that seems to have come out of the worst of nightmares. We can not leave aside the disgusting aspect of the lower part of the body, with that viscous texture that makes us think that possibly it is full of eggs.


María sculpted a nice back sell with a lot of clefts and lumps that gives it a kind of rotten look. Another thing that we will change too is the back side of the head, that will be more long and sharpy but without overlapping it with the back shell.


And this has been all for today! I hope to show you soon this custom miniature finished and that it causes you the same disgusting feeling that it does to me.

See you buddies!

Ragnarôk, the mindless goblin.

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