These are the most often requested miniatures

RPG, scifi, anthro... What miniatures have you been looking for?


We get daily requests from you about custom miniatures that you want us to model and 3D print. Now Imagine 3D Miniatures has turned 4 years old, it is time to evaluate what miniatures are most often requested by you. And, honestly, we have been gladly surprised about how genuine your ideas are.

1. RPG characters

Clearly you know what you want. RPGs players are the loudest of you and D&D players lead the ranking. You have your unique characters in mind, most of you even have sketches and concept arts to show as references.


2. Board game miniatures and prototypes

We must admit that we love hearing from original projects. Many of you are board game designers and creators, some of them looking for prototypes, other for ready-to-play miniatures. You have a great deal of creativity in you and we love to help you run your ideas.

 kayser Kayser for the game FORTUNATERRA

3. Miniatures for wargames

Your armies need powerful leaders. You have requested your favorite heroes adapted to 30mm – 40mm scale.

However, if we talk about style, the top 3 most often requested categories would be scifi, fantasy and anthro. Which one do you prefer?

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