This is how our 3D modeling and 3D printing work looks like

Several companies have already hired our service of 3D modeling and 3D printing of custom miniatures on request


Since we announced this service many companies and people have reached us to ask for information about our work. Some of them want to 3D print their own tabletop RPG character. Other are studios or board game designers who want to bring their creations to live through our service.

Living in the golden age of board games it is interesting to witness through the requests we get how many different approaches are there in this area. Not only in the game content but also in the mechanics of playing, the background, the style, the aesthetic, the environment,… all of it to get a high quality set.

For now we can show you two examples that you will find really interesting. On one hand we want to show you our work for g3 Games & More studio, with whom we have worked for the development of their board game Paragon – The Broken Continuum. It is a table top war game using miniatures in which you can play with steampunk, science fiction, high fantasy, and animal kingdoms models. What we were asked to do was the 3D modeling of those miniatures, specifically four of them: a steampunk cowboy, a high fantasy elf with a roman style, a simian and a retro sci-fi soldier (pictures below).

”We are working on a game for the hobbyist community that considers every element of hobby. We are developing a flexible, but fun game mechanic that works well for casual gamers, multiple players, and tournaments. The background story is rich, unique and open ended for abundant opportunities to develop the universe in several directions. The models and units have fun, powerful, yet balanced game mechanics. The miniatures will be detailed and a pleasure to paint, collect, and durable enough for repeated game play and transportation. “

 paragon  cowboy  elf  simian  soldier

On the other hand we want to talk you about HC SVNT DRACONES, a very different concept which defines itself as:

”HSD is an exciting new post-humanity tabletop role playing game, where players take the personage of a Vector, a new species created near the end of human civilization that witnessed the demise of their fore-bearers and has struggled through 700 years of slow growth devoid of personal history to etch out a new existence for themselves in the galaxy. Ships, gene-splicing, implants and esoteric horror mix with environments ranging from urban cities a mile high to twisted forests grown from terraforming mishaps in this wholly new and original system..”

For now the work we have developed for this board game has been the 3D modeling and 3D printing of this character that you can see below but stay tuned because we will let you know more upcoming information about HC SVNT DRACONES:

 cattaur  dracones  dracones2
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