What’s new in HC SVNT DRACONES first expansion

New options expand the miniature line by nearly four times


HC SVNT DRACONES has launched its first expansion. As you may remember, HC SVNT DRACONES is a game created by Pierce Fraser both to provide usable models for the HSD tabletop RPG, and to provide a massive line of modular anthro miniatures for use in any roughly 30mm scale tabletop game set in modern or future time. Its creation was funded on Kickstarter and opened with around 100 configurations of bipedal anthropomorphic bodies with swappable heads, arms, legs and tails. Thanks to the successful crowdfunding campaign and in collaboration with Imagine 3D Miniatures, HSD launched its first line of 3D printed custom anthro miniatures more than a year ago and the backer rewards were delivered intact and on time. It was a good beginning, but there was a lot that could be added to it.


The first expansion to the HSD miniature line project included tauric lower bodies, new arms, casual poses and a host of fun stretch rewards. It was successfully funded and expanded the HSD miniature line by nearly 4 times. Now it is possible to make unique tauric characters, non-morphic animal heroes (called Laterals in HSD) and nagas. Stretch goals even introduced nude sculpts for those who are adept at modeling their own armor and want a base to work from. With the addition of the expansion, this makes de HSD miniature line the largest anthropomorphic modular miniatures option in the world, and it is still growing.


This line of modular customizable tabletop anthro miniatures is incorporated in Imagine 3D Miniatures website and allows you to mix and match dozens of components to create unique looks to represent anthropomorphic characters from HSD or any other urban/scifi setting you like to use them in. This expansion brings unique body shapes into the initial launch and also provides five individual quadrupedal characters: horse, tiger, lizard, dog and deer. Each has a default outfit and a posed and non-posed option. Tauric lower bodies in both static and dynamic poses have also been added, increasing the existing HSD miniature line by a multiplicative amount.

All these updates have been possible thanks to all the backers who supported the Kickstarter campaign. The next HSD miniatures expansion will tackle challenges like head hair, new heads, variant body builds and unique enemies from the HSD line that could stand in nicely in other scifi games too. So stay tuned because there is a lot more coming!

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