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The 3D Miniatures Shop : Service Description, Terms and Conditions

Now you can sell your miniatures 3D printed in The 3d miniatures shop , a marketplace specialized in 3D miniature models .It has its own 3d miniature viewer which includes miniature customization. We also offer you the support of experts in miniature models 3D printing .

This new e-commerce service allows you to open your own miniatures shop and sell your creations worldwide. Your customers will be able to choose which miniature they want and receive it 3D printed in a few days.
If you are interested in this service, contact us via telling us about your project, what miniatures you want to sell, in which scale, how many, if they are part of a game. ..We will guide you step by step to get your shop running.


You can subscribe to this service if we have modeled the miniatures for you, or if you are a creator of 3D sculpted miniatures and have your own 3D models.
In case you want us to 3D model the miniature for you, we will send you a budget and deadline to have your miniature done.
Otherwise if you want to sell your own 3D sculpted miniatures, we will give you some guidelines to get it successfully 3D printed. When we get the 3D model files from you, we will check that your miniature can be correctly printed. If it is necessary to adapt the model, we will inform you and send you a budget in case you want us to fix it.
You can sell your 3D printed miniature as a one-piece miniature or let your customers customize it by choosing from different components.
Once the 3D printing of the miniature is correctly verified, we will add it to your shop to get it ready to sell at the price you have previously chosen. There is no cost for publishing your models in your shop and the cost of 3D sculpting services requested will be previously communicated to you through a budget.
Depending on the number of miniatures you wish to sell, you can have your own shop page (www.imagine3dminiatures / en / my-miniatures-shop-name-here) or include them in the Miniature Box.
The 3D Miniatures Shop wants to be a reference in the sale of 3D printed miniatures. That is the reason why we will not accept 3D models that do not reach our minimum quality standards or do not fit in Imagine 3D Miniatures marketplace.


Once your miniature models are verified, they will appear in the list of miniatures of your shop. This is the moment when you will be able to set the price and make it visible to the public. We set the miniature cost, which includes the 3D printing cost and the marketplace publication. You set the sale price that you think is appropriate. The difference between the miniature cost and the sale price will be the sale margin. We recommend this margin to not exceed 30% and not be less than 15%. Whatsoever it cannot be higher than 50% and lower than 10%. Your profit will be the result of subtracting 3.5% of the sale price from this margin in concept of administrative and payment provider expenses.
A 3d printed miniature has a cost of 18$, you set the price of 24$ , representing a margin on sales of 6$, 25%. Your profit will be 5.16$, the result of subtracting from this margin a 3.5% of sale price,0.84$ , as expenses for payment provider.
Sale Price
Sale Margin
% Sale Margin
Pay Cost 3,5%
It is possible that the cost of a miniature vary, in that case Imagine 3d Miniatures will increase the cost and price of your miniature keeping the sales margin. Whenever this occurs you will be notified so you can make changes in price .


Once you have set the price of your miniatures, you can make them visible for the public.
Anytime a customer places an order, you will receive an email with the order information. All orders will be added to a list in which you can consult the information of each one, the cost, your margin and profit. You can also see the total profit transferred and pending of transfer.
Each month we will check your pending of transfer amount. If it exceeds 50€ we will transfer it to your PayPal account.


By the 1st working day of each month we will send you the amount of to your pending profit. Once we have received through PayPal the invoice corresponding to that amount , we will send the payment in response. Information about PayPal Invoices .

The payment will only be transferred whenever there is a minimum pending amount of 50€ excluding VAT and other taxes if applicable. If this pending amount minimum is not reached, the payment will be transferred the next month you reach that profit amount in new sales. In case of closing the account the payment will be transferred whatever the pending amount is.
If it is determined that we have paid you wrongly because of order cancellations or for any other reason, Imagine 3D Miniatures will deduct the paid amount in the next payment. If it is not possible to deduct it because it has not reached that amount, Imagine 3D Miniatures may require you that amount.
It is required that you provide us with correct information of your PayPal account to transfer payments. In case we do not have the correct information of your account, payments will not be made.
Cost of Paypal transfers will be assumed by the shop owner.


It is your responsibility to determine and  inform us which taxes or fees, if any, apply to payments that you receive, and it is your responsibility to collect and remit the correct tax to the appropriate tax authority . We are not responsible for determining the taxes applicable to transactions made through your store or collecting, reporting or remitting taxes applicable to payments made to you for products sold through your shop.


By requesting this service, you represent and warrant  that  you are the owner of the  3d models and that they are  original creations and not copied from others and / or entity. You represent and warrant that you have all rights to grant the appropriate licenses without infringement or violation of third party rights, including without limitation, any privacy rights, publicity rights, copyrights, trademarks, contract rights or any other intellectual property or proprietary rights.
As the owner of the 3d models housed in the store, you keep all intellectual property rights of these models except those specified below.
You Grant to Catalogo Virtual  a non-exclusive, royalty free, worldwide, transferable, and sublicensable right and license for:
1. Use your 3D model for manufacturing your 3D model in order to fulfill the orders made through  Imagine 3d Miniatures shop.
2. Generate and display 3D renderings of your 3D model
3. Modify the model if necessary to suit the needs of 3D printing.
4. Use the 3D model as necessary for the proper operation and maintenance of services including without limitation for internal testing , advertising and promotional purposes.
We reserve the right to review and reject any 3D model when our sole discretion appears to infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties, or judgment 3D model does not meet our content policy.
By requesting the cancellation  of the service, all licenses granted to Catalogo Virtual will end except  to use your 3D model to fulfill  pending  of manufacture orders made before requesting the cancellation  of the service,  and to continue using the 3d model and 3d renders  for internal tests , advertising and promotional purposes.


When you request the service, we will provide you with an user name and password so you can access your store, miniatures, prices and orders information.
You must be at least 18 years old to use this service and provide accurate identification data to issue invoices. It is also necessary to provide us with your Paypal account to transfer you payments. Imagine 3d miniatures uses exclusively PayPal to transfer payments to shop owners.


You may cancel the service anytime prior notice, we also reserve the right to terminate providing the service at any time and for any reason.


We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of service at any time. Any changes will be posted on the web.


Both parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid Capital, Spain expressly waiving their own jurisdiction.